National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2020 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 5 | Page No: 196-200

Pattern of Domestic Accidents among Children in Tumkur City - A Cross Sectional Study

Author: Usha Rani S1, Swetha R2


1Assistant professor, Department of Community medicine, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur

2Associate professor, Department of Community medicine, Sri Siddhartha medical college, Tumkur


Background: Domestic accidents are worldwide public health prob-lems. The present study was con-ducted to assess the pattern of do-mestic accidents among children and its association with various ep-idemiological factors . Materials and Methods: It’s a community based Cross sectional study.It was decided to study 900 households based on the sample size. 4391 population was covered in this study. Domestic accident was considered when any of the in-dividual met with an accident in-side the house or in immediate sur-roundings of house during last one year as listed from code V01 to X59 in chapter XX of ICD. Results: Domestic accidents ob-served was 10.8%(117) out of the to-tal study population(1083) which was more common in the age group 0-4years(69.2%). Among the domes-tic accidents most commonly ob-served one was falls(41.02%) fol-lowed by burns (33.3%). Most com-monly observed place of domestic accidents was kitchen 51 (43.58) .153 (43.6) of the domestic accidents were during 6am -12 pm timings. Around 60% of the accidents oc-curred when children were playing within the house. Conclusion: Domestic accidents are no longer called accidental; it’s just the price we are paying for techno-logical progress and our ignorance. Hence even this much of prevalence has to be taken seriously, as domes-tic accidents can be prevented com-pletely by minute preventive strate-gies.

Keywords: domestic accidents, falls, burns, in-jury

DOI: 10.5455/njcm.20200319050247