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Situation Analysis of Implementation of National Health Programmes in Primary Health Centres (Phcs) At Uttarakhand

Author:Nishu Jha, Bhavna Jain, Radhika Bhati, Aprajita Mehta, Manisha Dhinwa, Surekha Kishore, Pradeep Aggarwal, Sheen Job

Keywords:Indian Public Health Standards, National Health Programmes, Pri-mary Health Centers

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Context: The Bhore Committee in 1946 gave the concept of PHC as comprehensive primary health care to the community and maintain an acceptable standard of quality of care. The study was conducted to assess the implementation of Na-tional Health Programmes at PHCs in Uttarakhand. Methodology: An observational cross-sectional study was conduct-ed at two PHCs (Thano and Rai-wala) from March 2019 to April 2019. Interviews of health function-aries and beneficiaries of national health programmes were done based on standard Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) guidelines and check list, for both PHCs. Bene-ficiaries under each programme were also observed. Result: Various programmes such as Universal Immunization Pro-gramme, School Health Pro-gramme, and Pulse Polio Pro-gramme, National nutrition Pro-gramme, National family welfare Programme, NPCDCS and Jansan-khya Niyantran Yojna were imple-mented successfully at both PHCs. Although knowledge among pe-ripheral health workers was found to be little inadequate. Conclusion: The functioning and execution of some of the National Health Programs at PHCs Thano and Raiwala were found to be in-clined with IPHS guidelines."