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A Study of Correlation of TOPS Score with Outcome of Referred Neonates

Author:Unnati S Asari, Preeti A Shah, Girima P Jagiwala, Roshani M Patel, Bhumika A Kolcha, Pritesh B Patel

Keywords:neonatal transport, TOPS score, neonatal mortality, hypothermia

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Neonatal transport is a key component of care for neo-nates who require referral to tertiary care. The aim of the study is to find out correlation of TOPS score with outcome of referred neonates. Method: A prospective observation-al study was conducted of 200 extra mural neonates for period of 1 year from August 2012 to September 2013 at general hospital, Ahmada-bad. They were assessed for pattern of referral and categorized as critical or stable & TOPS scoring was done by standard statistical method. Result: Prematurity and its compli-cation (32%), Septicemia (15.5%) and respiratory distress (14%) were commonest morbidity among 200 neonates. Highest referred from pri-vate hospital 97(%) and 48(%) neo-nate were come directly. Ambulance was used only by 38 (19%) and rest by other transport system. Among them 15 were critical. Only 39 (19.5%) newborn referred after prior intimation. Commonest affected pa-rameter of TOPS score was tempera-ture. Among 59 neonate expired, 42 (71.18%) were critical on admission. Conclusion: Sick newborns should be transferred in equipped vehicles and skilled personnel with pre transport stabilization. Proper im-plementation of referral sheet and TOPS score will definitely improve outcome of newborns."