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Intimate Partner Violence and Psychiatric Morbidity among Ever Married Women in Urban Area

Author:Sphurti Uday Chate, Girija Mahantshetti

Keywords:Intimate partner violence, psychiat-ric morbidity, married women, ur-ban area

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Women facing vio-lence is an important public health issue worldwide. A married women may experience violence within the family multiple times/ have over-lapping of different types of violence namely physical, sexual, emotion-al/ psychological, controlling be-havior culturally/ economically by her husband or in-laws. Intimate partner violence against women though prevalent , the women usu-ally try to hide it and is thus one of the major causes of morbidity for women. Objectives: To know the prevalence of intimate partner violence among ever married women in urban area of Belagavi and to assess the psy-chiatric morbidity among those ex-periencing IPV. Methodology: The study was con-ducted in field practice area of Ashok nagar urban health centre area of Belagavi among 600 ever married women of reproductive age group of 15-49 years during January 2017 to December 2017. WHO based multicountry Intimate Partner Vio-lence study questionnaire and Self Reporting Questionnaire 20 for psy-chiatric morbidity were used in the study. Results: Prevalence of Intimate Partner violence: 59%. Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity: 45.3%. Conclusions: Psychiatric morbidity was significantly higher in women experiencing partner violence in ur-ban area. Preventive steps need to be taken."