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Pattern of Road Traffic Accident Patients Admitted In Government Medical College and Hospital Nagpur – A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Prafulla S Sune, Sandeep M Bhelkar, Uday W Narlawar, Sanjeev M Chaudhary

Keywords:Nagpur, Road traffic, Accidents

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction- Injuries are increas-ingly recognized as a global public health epidemic. Around the world, almost 16,000 people die every-day from all types of injuries. Injuries represent 12% of the global burden of disease, the third most important cause of overall mortality and the main cause of death among 1-40-year age groups. Methodology- This hospital based cross-sectional study was conduct-ed among the road traffic accident patients admitted in trauma care center of Government Medical Col-lege and Hospital Nagpur. Result- Most common type of injury was abrasion in 91.45% followed by laceration in 79.61% of study sub-jects. Other common injuries were contusion, fracture, internal hemor-rhage, crush injury and dislocation. Majority of the study subjects i.e. 67.11% had head injury. Conclusion- Head injury was the most common injury found in the study. Abrasion and laceration was also more commonly found in study subjects. Head injury was found more in non-users of personal pro-tective devices which was statisti-cally significant."