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Prevalence of Postnatal Depression and Its Risk Factors among Postnatal Women in Rural Area of Srikakulam District

Author:Dhanalatha Tharigonda Reddy, Irfan Ali Syed, Dhananjaya Sharma, Satyajit Pattnaik, Jarina Begum, Samina Ausvi

Keywords:Postnatal women, postnatal de-pression, rural area, risk factors.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: During postpartum period women are at high risk for developing episodes of depression. Postnatal depression (PND) is a ma-jor public health issue because of its adverse effects on the infant and en-tire family. Objective: To find the prevalence of PND among postnatal(PN) women in Singupuram rural health training centre(RHTC) area, Srikakulam dis-trict, Andhra Pradesh and to find association between socio-demographic, obstetric and preg-nancy outcomes and PND. Method: Sampling Method- Non-probability convenient sampling. This cross-sectional study was car-ried out among PN women (4th-10th week) in Singupuram RHTC area, Srikakulam district during May to August 2019. Details were collected using a pre-tested semi-structured questionnaire pertaining to socio-demographic profile, obstetric and pregnancy outcomes along with an Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) translated into local language (telugu) cut-off score of ?13 was used as high risk of PND. Result: The study included 229 PN women. Prevalence of PND was 28.3%. PND showed significant as-sociation (p<0.05) with type of fami-ly, working status of PN women, husbands occupation, socio-economic status, mode of delivery, gender of the newborn, and compli-cations in pregnancy. Conclusion: PND among rural PN women is 28.3%. Early stage of PND screening and diagnosis should be included as integral part of PN care."