National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2020 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 6 | Page No: 267-270

A Study on Assessment of Communication Skills and Perceived Barriers among Medical Students

Author: Pallavi V Tenglikar1, Roopa R Mendagudli2, Shantkumar R Nigudgi3


1Assistant professor, Department of Community Medicine, M. R. Medical College, Kalaburagi

2Assistant professor, Department of Community Medicine, M. R. Medical College, Kalaburagi

3Professor, Department of Community Medicine, M. R. Medical College, Kalaburagi


Introduction: Good communication skills are a core competency for all health professionals. Any formal training on communication is in not given to students in the present curriculum. Hence the study was conducted to assess existing level of communication skills and student perceived communication barriers among third year medical students. Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted in the field practice area of a medical college for 2 months among a convenient sample of 40 medical students. The existing levels of communication skills of students were assessed using Kalamazoo Essential elements check list and communication bar-riers as perceived the student were obtained using a pretested questionnaire. Results: The communication skills were very good in 50% of students, 20% excellent and 30% were having poor to average skills. Majority of the students reported lack of familiarity with place and person as a barrier [78.3% males, 58.8% fe-males] followed by perceived inter-personal barriers like age difference, socioeconomic class difference. Conclusion: The present study revealed that most of the students have very good level of communication skills, but still 30% were falling in poor to average levels. All students perceived one or the other barriers for communication but more so with familiarity with place and person. Formal training of students on communication skills in curriculum is necessary to overcome various barriers and enable them to communicate effectively.

Keywords: Communication skills; Barriers; Medical students; Health Education

DOI: 10.5455/njcm.20190417021408