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Study of Demographic and Clinical Profile of Injuries Related To “Kite Flying” Celebration in Urban India

Author:Bhavesh Jarwani, Mehul Gajjar, Urjita Modi, Rajvi Patel, Rohan Parekh, Sanket Nandani

Keywords:Injury, Kite flying, Urban, festival

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Kites were first intro-duced by the Chinese more than three thousand years ago, but in places like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Kite flying is celebrated in unique way. People enjoy cutting down others kites and there is an instinct to catch the threads of the “Cut-Kite” and rejoice the gain. In this study conducted at a tertiary care emergency medicine de-partment to understand demographic profile and injuries related in such a festive celebration, occurring in one urban area, to spread awareness and reduce such incidence. Methodology: This cross-sectional de-scriptive study was conducted using preformatted form in consecutive two year. Results: Among 83 cases we studied, 81% were male. 65% were in the age group of 11-40. 70% incidences took place in noon and evening hours. 68.67 % presented in 108 ambulance ser-vices, 43% presented with fall from height (terraces), 34 % had road traffic accidents because of strings and festi-val related excitement. Maximum had fall from 1 storey buildings. 56% re-ceived Out Patient based treatment. Among the admitted patients 15% had head injury, 2 cut throat, 9.7% had frac-tures and 1 had to undergo laparoto-my, 2 died eventually during the hos-pital stay because of grievous injuries. Conclusion: This study re-emphasizes the importance of spreading aware-ness and increasing the care, particu-larly of children during such an enjoy-able festival."