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A Study on Patient Satisfaction among the Patients Admitted In the In-Patient Departments of a Tertiary Health Care Institution in North East India

Author:Chandana Deka, Luish Borboruah, Pranay P Sarmah, Ipsita Paul

Keywords:patient satisfaction, IPD, quality of care, tertiary care hospital

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Tertiary care hospital should be able to provide best possible health care to patients. The study was conducted to determine the patient satisfaction of IPD patients seeking treatment in Jorhat Medical College and Hospitals and to compare the level of satisfaction of the patients across selected departments. Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted between July to August 2018 among the patients admitted in the IPD of Jorhat Medical College & Hospitals. Multistage random sampling was first done to select departments of the medical college. Then stratified sampling technique with proportionate allocation was used to select patients from these respective departments. Finally, systematic sampling technique was used to select respondents from among the inpatients of the selected departments. Results: Satisfaction regarding physical facilities like cleanliness of the wards (79.64%), toilets (51.96%), availability of drugs (59.28%), quality of food and water etc (55.71%) were of major concern. The satisfaction level is statistically significant with bio social charac-teristics like background (p= 0.0002), sex (p= 0.0356) and socioeconomic status (p= 0.077). Conclusion: Assessing satisfaction of patients is simple and cost effective way for evaluation of hospital services."