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Primary Pterygium – Comparsion of Limbal Conjuncitval Autografting Surgery versus Intra Operative Mitomycin - C (0.02%) after Exicision of Primary Pterygium

Author:Harpal Singh, A S Thakur, B L Sharma

Keywords:Pterygium, Recurrent Pterygium, Limbus, Autografting, Mitomycin-C (MMC), Limbal conjunctival autografting (LCAG), Slit lamp biomicrosocpy, Platelets derived growth factors (PDGF).

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Pterygium is a fibro vascular encroachment of the conjunctival tissue on the cornea causing variable degree of ocular morbidity. Varies surgical modalities have been developing to reduce the recurrence rate, which is the major limitation of Pterygium surgery. The idea of study is to compare the relative efficacy of two well known procedure i.e. conjunctival autografting and intra operative Mitomycin-C (0.02%) with recurrence to recurrence and complication.