National Journal of Community Medicine


Year: 2021 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 2 | Page No: 40-44

Medical Statistics Series: Type of Data, Presentation of Data & Summarization of Data

Author: Swati Patel1


1Statastician cum Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, SMIMER, Surat


Bio Statistics can define as the application of mathematical tools used in statistics to field of biological science and medicine statistics. Collection, organization, analysis ,interpretation and presentation of data very important part of bio medical research, which is mainly used in research studies .It deal with aspect of this , including the planning of data collection in term of the design of survey and experiments. Now a day, doing various statistical tests has been made easy by sophisticated computer software. But mainly two things are very important to researcher/ investigator is to choose the appropriate statistical test for the computer to perform based on the nature of data derived from one’s own research. The second is to understand if an analysis was performed appropriately during review and interpretation of others’ research. A basic understanding of biostatistics is needed to understand and interpret the medical literature. The basic step of research is defining the research question, review of literature, formulate hypothesis, preparing study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation of it. Bio statistics is mainly concern with descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The objective of this article is that to understand the type of data, choose the correct method of presentation and summarization of the data according to nature of data.

Keywords: Data type, Biostatistics, Medical Analysis, Presentation of data

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