National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2021 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 12 | Page No: 395-399

Assessment of Knowledge of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Students about Home-Isolation Guidelines of COVID-19

Author: Jinalben Vaghela1, Sheetal Vyas2


1Second year resident student, Department of Community Medicine, AMCMET Medical College, Ahmedabad

2Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine, AMCMET Medical College, Ahmedabad


Background: COVID-19 patients can stay at home if isolated from others. The present study was carried out for assessment of knowledge of home-isolation (HI) guidelines. Method: Cross sectional descriptive study was done amongst 289 Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) medical students. The data collected through Google form were analysed and calculation of percentages, proportion, mean, SD etc. was done. Results: Response rate was 61.49%. Mean age was 21.32 ± 2.27 years. Female to male ratio was 1.4:1. 93.42% and 6.57% were UG students and PG students respectively. 80.97% had performed COVID duty. There is no significant difference between boys and girls in performing COVID-19 duties. (z=1.46, p>0.05). 38.06% correctly defined HI, 50.52% knew when to discontinue HI, and 66.09% knew eligibility criteria for HI. 18.68% had knowledge about hand washing, 20.07% knew about COVID 19 helpline numbers. The mean score of the UG students was 6.84±2.17 whereas same as for PG students was 7.79±2.07. Conclusions: Students had higher level of correct knowledge about, when to seek medical attention for home isolated person; infection control practices followed by hand hygiene, use of mask by care giver. There is less knowledge about other aspects of home isolation.

Keywords: COVID 19; Hand washing; Helpline; Home isolation; Medical students

DOI: 10.5455/njcm.20211027053051