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Surgical Site Infections: Incidence and Risk Factors in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Western India

Author:Patel Sachin M, Patel Mitesh H, Patel Sangeeta D, Soni Sumeeta T, Kinariwala Dipa M, Vegad Mahendra M

Keywords:Surgical site infections (SSI), Risk factors, NNIS risk index

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Purpose: The present study was aimed at obtaining the incidence of Surgical Site Infections (SSI) and determining various risks the factors influencing the Surgical Site Infections rate with special reference to the NNIS risk index at tertiary care hospital, Gujarat. Western India. Methods: In this study, 200 patients who underwent various surgeries were included and various risk factors were studied. Swabs were obtained from wounds and were processed without delay using standard microbiological methods. Results: Overall SSI rate was 16% (32/200).The most common organism isolated was Escherichia coli (35.7%, 10/28). Increase in pre-operative hospital stay, ASA (American Society of Anesthesiology) score > 2, increase in surgical wound class, emergency surgeries, longer duration of surgery were associated with increased SSI rates. NNIS risk index was calculated for all patients and it was found that SSI rate increases with increase in NNIS risk index. Conclusion: The risk indices, like the NNIS risk index provide information about potential risk factors for development of SSI. Surveillance of surgical site infections with feedback of appropriate data to surgeons would be desirable to reduce SSI rates.