National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2012 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 3 | Page No: 491-495

Comparative Evaluation of Robinson’s Cytological Grading with Elston and Ellis’ Nottingham Modification of Bloom Richardson Histopathology Grading for Breast Carcinoma

Author: Pandya Amrish N, Shah Neelam P



Background: Cytological grading of mammary carcinoma provides useful information about prognosis. It also helps in selecting therapy. Aim: This study has been carried out to compare correlation of Robinson’s cytological grading with modified Bloom Richardson grading system of infiltrating ductal carcinoma in histology. Material and method: 59 FNAC smears of, invasive breast carcinoma, were graded according to the Robinson’s grading system. Corresponding histology sections were graded according to Elston and Ellis’ Nottingham modification of Bloom Richardson method. Result: On cytology, there were 24, 26 and 9 cases of grade I, II and III tumor respectively while on histology 25, 24 and 10 cases of grade I, II and III tumor respectively. The concordance rate between cytology and histology grades were 79.16%, 73.07% and 66.66% for grade I, II and III tumor respectively. Absolute concordance rate was 74.57%. Conclusion: Apart from being simple and non-invasive, cytologic grading method is comparable with histologic grading system. It might provide information about aggressiveness of tumor and is useful parameter while selecting neo adjuvant chemotherapy in patients of breast carcinoma.

Keywords: breast cancer, FNAC, Elston and Ellis’s Nottingham modification of Bloom-Richardson method, infiltrating ductal carcinoma, mammary carcinoma, Robinson’s cytology grading