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Spirometry and X-Ray Findings in Cases of Interstitial Lung Diseases

Author:Ashok Gagiya, Ankur Patel, Gautam Bhagat, Vipul Bhadiyadra, Khusbu Patel, Pratik Patel

Keywords:: interstitial lung disease, pulmonary function test, spirometry.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: There are very few studies are done on spirometry and X-ray findings in interstitial lung diseases (ILD) in India. Methods: Pulmonary function tests were performed on computerized spirometer, through Kit Microsystems in 30 patients of high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) proven interstitial lung diseases in tertiary care centre. Results: Majority were in age group 40-49 years (mean age-45.23 years) and 66.5% male patients. Restrictive pattern (96.57%) was present in majority patients in spirometry. Most of patients (60%) of ILD showed reticular-nodular in X-ray chest. Conclusion: Restrictive pattern were observed regardless of smoking status in ILDs. Availability of non-invasive investigations like HRCT chest has increased our early recognitions of ILDs. Reticular-nodular pattern in X-ray chest is very important for suspecting ILD.