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Correlates of Job Motivating Factors among Male Health Workers in Rural Karnataka

Author:Manoj Kumar Gupta, K Sreenath Reddy, Veena R, Chandra Prabha, Chandana M

Keywords:Male Health Workers, Motivating factors, De-motivating factors

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: This study was planned to assess the correlate of job motivating and de-motivating factors with the actual situation among male health workers (MHWs) in rural Karnataka. Methodology: A cross sectional study design was adopted. From Karnataka state, six districts were selected for the study by adopting appropriate sampling methodology. Out of the total sub-centers in those selected districts, 49 were selected based on confirmation of position of Male Health Workers at the sub centers. Those MHWs were interviewed by using a structured interview schedule. Data was analyzed using Microsoft excel 2007 and SPSS v.16 software. Results: Stable job and income was addressed as job motivational factor in 87.8% of MHWs. Convenient location with proper connectivity of SC was motivating factor for nearly 70% Of MHWs. Majority (95.9%) of MHWs were considering sense of achievement and recognition as job motivation factor irrespective of their working years. Conclusion: A moderate discrepancy was found between job motivating and de-motivating factors with the actual situation. Hence, there is huge scope and need to explore those factors with some multi centric studies.