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An Evaluation of Treatment Behavior of The Patients on Dots of Anand District, Gujarat

Author:Donald Christian, Uday Shankar Singh, Sidhyartha Mukherjee, Deepak Sharma

Keywords:treatment behavior, DOTS patients, social stigma, side effects of DOTS drugs, treatment interruption

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: To achieve goals of RNTCP, issues like treatment adherence & treatment behavior of TB (Tuberculosis) patients taking DOTS should also be focused, considering long duration of drug therapy. Objective: To analyze various factors that could affect the treatment behavior during the course of DOTS among the patients attending the TB units. Material & Methods: Design: Cross-sectional study, Participants: 100 diagnosed TB patients on DOTS, from all TB units (25 from each TU) of Anand District, who had reported to health center at least after 3 weeks of initiation of symptoms. Information was filled up in a pre-tested questionnaire. Results: A total 100 TB patients (68 males, 32 females) were interviewed; among which, 29% were illiterate and 46% were laborer. 24% of the subjects had any side-effect. Social stigma was faced by 10% of subjects (6 males, 4 females). 16% of the respondents had a treatment interruption during current treatment. The commonest reason for treatment interruption was “thought of being cured” (75%). Conclusion: The treatment behavior of the patients on DOTS also depends on various social-economical characteristics. The issues of side-effects of drugs and “thought of being cured” also need to be focused. Health system changes in terms of efficient staff and adequate drugs should also be considered.