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Ageing and Health: A Health Profile of Inmates of Old Age Home

Author:Bindu M Bhatt, Shivani Vyas, Janak P Joshi

Keywords:Population, Health, Health problems, Old age home

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Gradual nuclearization of the joint family, changes in the value system, migration of youth to urban areas for work and increasing participation of women in the workforce are important factors responsible for the marginalization of older people. The old age homes, which were uncommon, have recently spread across the country, indicating the growing rift between the generations. Method: The study assesses health status and examines types of health problems based on knowledge, awareness and perception of the inmates’ two old age homes in Vadodara city. A total of 50 inmates from two old age homes were interviewed. The questions were so designed that they explore health status. The primary data thus generated have been analyzed and presented in form of frequency distribution table converted into percentage Result: It is observed from table that major health problems found among inmates are Blood pressure 54%; weakness 44% followed by pain/ tingling in lower limbs 38%, disturbed sleep 36%, and breathlessness 32%, back pain and gastric problem. Thyroid, heart attack, arthritis and hysteria problem was observed in one-one respondent Two inmates were suffering from paralysis. There were four diabetic. Two inmates had T.B in past. Conclusion: It is observed that majority of inmates were suffering from health problems associated with ageing. The elderly comprise a very important vulnerable group is ignored but needs urgent attention.