National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2014 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No: 223-226

Evaluation of Intervention on Voluntary Blood Donation among 1st Prof Medical and Dental Students of Index Medical College, Indore (MP), India

Author: Abhishek Bachhotiya, V K Arora, Piyusha Mahashabde



Objective: Objectives of this study was to assess KAP regarding voluntary blood donation among 1stprof MBBS & BDS students of Index Medical College, Indore and also to evaluate the intervention in making the students aware about voluntary blood donation Methods: Among 209 students (125 MBBS, 84 BDS) a questionnaire was administered followed by participants’ visit to the hospital blood donation centre where a short interactive awareness session was organized. The willingness to donate blood was noted at the end of the session. Results: All the participants had lack of knowledge regarding blood donation with no difference between male and female. The proportion of male blood donors was 36 (36.7%) while 9 (8.2%) female students had donated blood so far. At first, a total of 88 students were willing to donate blood, including those 45 who had earlier done it. Out of the 164 students who did not donate blood earlier, 24 (14.6%) had no support from family, 16 (9.75%) were afraid of needle prick, 34 (20.7%) had fear of becoming weak after blood donation and 8 (4.8%) were afraid of contracting any disease through needle prick. After the awareness session, a total of 196 students (93.77%) showed willingness to donate blood and the change was statistically significant. Conclusion: The knowledge and practice of voluntary blood donation among the study participants was found much better than the results of previous studies [7] and the awareness session-cum-visit to the blood donation centre fetched very high level of willingness. This implies the im-portance of regular intervention which can be most easily and successfully carried out by the teaching faculties in the medical college.

Keywords: MBBS, Blood Donation, Awareness