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Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude on Family Life of Adolescent Girls.

Author:Madhuri Inamdar, Sameer Inamdar, Yasmeen Z Khan

Keywords:Adolescent girls, knowledge, family life

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: At adolescence, health behaviors are formed and life courses are charted. Limited knowledge about family life leaves adolescent girls vulnerable to increased risks from sexual exploitation, pregnancy, and violence. Methods: A qualitative cross sectional study of girls aged between 12 and 18 years, from schools and slums. Results: The knowledge about Child marriage Act(OR=52.2, CI=141.1,19.31) and legal rights of women(OR=26.13, CI=75.80,9.005) was significantly higher (P< 0.001) among school going girls. The age of onset of puberty and prior knowledge of menstruation was better known by non-school going adolescents (p<0.001). Out of the total 1000 adolescent girls, only 391 had heard about STDs (p<0.001) and 201 had heard about reproductive health (p<0.001).The difference is statistically significant regarding number of children required per family( OR=1.92,CI=3.459,1.065), mechanism of pregnancy(OR=2.59,CI=4.659,1.440) and the fact that sex education is not a danger for our culture(OR=2.296,CI=4.187,1.259). Only 13.6% girls received sex education (p<0.001,OR=2.71,CI=4.911,1.496).They agreed with the fact that son is not essential for family (p<0.001). Conclusion: With awareness and understanding about their bodies, emotional and physical capacities, and the legal aspects of family formation, adolescent girls will have a positive and stable family life and a better quality of life. "