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Stress among Doctors Doing Residency: A Cross-Sectional Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital in the City of Mumbai

Author:Aarti G Sahasrabuddhe, S R Suryawanshi, Suman Rai Bhandari

Keywords:Resident doctors, stress, tertiary care, Perceived stress scale

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: The workload of a tertiary care teaching hospital in a metropolitan city is tremendous. Resident doctors in these health care facilities bear the over whelming burden. This study was carried out to assess the stress among resident doctors and the factors associated with it. Methods: This was a cross sectional study carried out on resident doctors in a tertiary care hospital in the city of Mumbai. Statistical analysis was done using proportions and chi squre. Results: Stress is experienced by 37.3 percent of the study participants. Stress among residents is significantly associated clinical branch, first year of post-graduation, sleep deprivation, fatigue and dyspepsia. Conclusion: Residents are suffering from stress during the period of Residency. Policies which can reduce risk and stress in resident doctors is the need of the hour."