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Internet Addiction and Its Association with Psychopathology: A Study in School Children from Mumbai, India

Author:Payal, Sharma, Anup, Bharati, Avinash, De Sousa, Nilesh, Shah

Keywords:Internet addiction, adolescents, school, depression, anxiety, stress

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Internet addiction is a common emerging problem amongst adolescents and students worldwide. The present research aimed at determining the prevalence of internet addiction and its correlation to psychopathology in school going adolescents in Mumbai. Methods: 603 adolescents studying in 8th-10th standard were administered a semi structured preformed, Young’s Internet Addiction Test and Depression Anxiety Stress scale. 555 questionnaires were included in the final analysis using descriptive statistics and correlation by Spearman’s method. Results: The prevalence of internet addiction was noted to be 3.96% in boys and 1.62% of girls. Over 15% of the total sample showed overuse of internet but below internet addiction criteria. Stress scores were significantly correlated with the internet use patterns in both sexes. Majority students used the internet at home while over 50% of the sample had their own mobile phone or laptop or both. The main use of the internet in either sex was for social networking. Conclusions: The present study demonstrates that internet addiction is present in school going adolescents in Mumbai. Further studies across larger populations are needed to consolidate these findings. "