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Performance of Directly Observed Treatment Provider affecting the treatment outcome of tuberculosis cases in Amritsar city

Author:Manisha Nagpal, Priyanka Devgun, Naresh Chawla

Keywords:Tuberculosis, DOTS, DOT provider, DOT centre

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: DOT providers are the key persons in the implementation of the RNTCP at ground level. Objective: To assess the working of DOT providers and DOT centre affecting the treatment outcome in sputum positive TB patients under RNTCP. Materials and Methods: With the help of self designed questionnaire, patients were asked about the working, availability and behaviour of the DOT provider, the distance, timing of DOT, facilities for taking drugs and privacy at the DOT centre. Data management and analysis was done by using Microsoft excel and SPSS version 17.00. Results: Of 250 patients, 149 (59.6%) were men and 101 (40.4%) women. It was found that the initial verification of the address by the DOT provider, availability of the DOT provider and the availability of clean water, disposable cups and privacy for the patient were significantly associated with the treatment outcome (p = 0.021, p = 0.006 and p = 0.04 respectively). Behaviour of the DOT provider and the distance of the DOT centre were not significantly associated with the outcome. Conclusion: Direct observation alone is not sufficient for treating TB, quality of working of the DOT provider and facilities at the DOT centre are significantly associated with treatment success. "