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Correlates of Change in CD4 Count among the HIV Patients at Antiretroviral Treatment Centres in India: Cross Sectional Analysis of Secondary Data

Author:Ram C Bajpai, Himanshu K Chaturvedi, Nidhi Bhatnagar, Ugra M Jha

Keywords:CD4 count, HIV/AIDS, ART, Secondary data, Regression analysis, India

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The CD4 count supervision is an important part of the HIV-care programme worldwide. The monitoring of CD4 counts over time could provide insight into the way patient’s re-spond to the treatment with effectiveness over time. Methodology: Information on demographic and programme vari-ables was extracted from 114210 patients across the country regis-tered during 2007 with initial CD4 counts and longitudinally reas-sessed in 2012. The logistic regression method was used to find the factors associated with CD4 change either positive or negative. Results: The CD4 counts increased significantly over time in different subcategories of age, sex, ART status and time to ART initiation. 50.7% of total registered HIV-patients exhibits any change in their CD4 from initial measurement. The regression analysis showed any change in CD4 was associated with age, TS/TG group, on ART patients and ART initiation after 1 year. Further, 75% of these patients were displayed increase in CD4 counts. The likelihood of increase in CD4 was statistically associated with higher chances within the subgroup of factors as age <15 years, TS/TG group and on ART patients. Conclusion: Strategic interventions to increase early diagnosis of HIV infection, linkage to HIV-care and rapid access to ART must be implemented at country level, especially among the key popu-lation with poor access to HIV services. "