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A Comparative Study of Knowledge and Attitude Regarding HIV/AIDS among Male and Female Adolescents of Urban Slums of Agra

Author:Umesh K Verma, Deoki Nandan, Ved P Shrotriya

Keywords:Adolescents, HIV/AIDS, Knowledge, Attitude

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: India estimates third highest number of HIV infections in the world, with about 2.4 million people currently living with HIV/AIDS. Adolescents often face a significant barrier to get the information, education and services required. Discussing reproductive and sexual matter freely is still a taboo in our society. The study was conducted to find out the awareness about HIV/AIDS among adolescents of Agra city. Methods: The study was performed among adolescents of 13-19 years age group residing in randomly selected urban slums of Agra city. Personal in depth interview of adolescent’s boys and girls was conducted using a structured questionnaire. Results: Source of knowledge about HIV/AIDS among majority of adodescents (85%) was electronic media. Majority (74%) of adolescents said that unsafe sexual contact was the main mode of transmission and majority (78.41%) had reported that safe sex with use of condom was the main mode of prevention the attitude towards AIDS patient majority (75.66%) reported sympathy. The majority (74%) of adolescents were agreed to introduce HIV topic in course curriculum, and (63%) adolescents were willing of HIV test before marriage. Conclusion: Knowledge on modes of transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS is poor among adolescents of Agra. The reproductive health education should be a part of curriculum in all schools. Public awareness programme should be directed to society. "