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Perceived Professional Stress Levels among Employees in an Information Technology Company, Bangalore

Author:Naveen Ramesh, Bobby Joseph, Pretesh R Kiran, Jithu Kurian, Abey T Babu

Keywords:Stress levels, IT professionals, perceived stress scale, professional life stress test

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: In view of reported increased prevalence of stress levels among information technology (IT) professionals, this study was conducted to assess the extent of this problem. Objectives: To assess stress levels and factors associated with stress among employees working in an information technology company in Bangalore. Methods: One hundred and forty nine IT professionals participated in this cross-sectional study. The study variables included gender, total work experience, working hours, break time and number of dependents. The prevalence of stress was assessed utilising two standard scales: Ten point Perceived Stress Scale and Professional Life Stress Test. The data was analysed using SPSS and Epi Info. Results: Mean score for perceived stress scale was 35.73 and ac-cording to the professional life stress test, none of the respondents were stressed needing immediate intervention. There was no asso-ciation between stress and gender, work experience, number of dependents and duration of break time. Insomnia was the most common stress symptom among the employees. Conclusion: The prevalence of stress was neither high warning immediate intervention nor was it low to rule out it consequences if the current trends continues among IT professionals. Managements have to devise and adopt various stress management techniques to reduce stress and to prevent unpleasant consequences of stress on the employees and on the companies. "