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Study of Menstrual Hygienic Practices among the Adolescent Girls in Rural Area

Author:Maya V Kshirsagar, Mayavati Mhaske, Madhura D Ashturkar, Kevin Fernandez

Keywords:Adolescence, Menstrual hygiene, Menstrual practices

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: WHO defines adolescence as period between 10-19 years. Menarche is a milestone in a woman's life as it denotes the start of reproductive capacity but there is gross lack of information on menstrual preparedness and management among adolescent girls. Women with better knowledge of menstrual hygiene and safe practices are less vulnerable to reproductive tract infection and its consequences. Aim and Objectives: 1.To study of menstrual hygiene status among adolescent girls in rural area. 2. To study availability of facilities to maintain menstrual hygiene. Material and Methods: Community based cross-sectional study. One village Kusgaon from rural field practice area was randomly selected based on feasibility and all adolescent girls who have attended menarche were included in the study. Result: Out of the total 190 participants, 58.4% of the adolescents were using only sanitary napkins during menses. 24.2% girls had no toilet facility and 34.2% had open bathrooms. 138 girls restricted religious work during menstruation followed by school absenteeism, not playing during menses. Conclusion and recommendations: Though the use of sanitary napkins is increased among the rural adolescent girls, availability of the toilet and bathroom facility is still poor. "