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Knowledge and Awareness of the Tuberculosis in Tuberculosis Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre in North West Rajasthan, India

Author:Vinod Kumar Jangid, Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, Gulab Singh Yadav, Shubham Pandey, Brij B Mathur

Keywords:Tuberculosis, Pulmonary TB, knowledge, Awareness

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction- The awareness and knowledge about TB vary in different geographical locations and a relationship exists between knowledge and prevention of disease. Hence we planned to con-duct the study to assess it in TB patients in North West Rajasthan, India. Method- A cross sectional, questionnaire based epidemiological study was conducted in 510 TB patients of age group 16-78 years for 9 months from April 2010 to January 2011 in the Department of TB & Chest, S.P. Medical College, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Results- Majority of patients (87.2%) patients got the information of TB from health workers and only 19.6% knew that TB is caused by germs. About 50.9% patients of TB knew mode of spread of TB through the air when coughing, 81.3% knew that cough the most common symptom of TB. Only 16.6% patients heard about vaccine of TB and not a single patient knew the name of this vaccine. Only 9.8% patients knew about DOTS but 73.5% knew that treatment is available at government health centre free of cost. Approximate 80% patients believed that TB is a serious disease, infectious disease and major problem of India but is curable. Illiteracy and low per capita income significantly impacted the knowledge and awareness of TB in negative direction. Conclusion- Apart from the multi-drug therapy, poor knowledge and awareness regarding TB among TB patients is alarming sign for nation. "