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A Sedentary Behaviour Survey amongst Shopkeepers in Dakshin Kannada: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Leena R Salunkhe, Shruthi J Salian

Keywords:sedentary lifestyle, shopkeepers

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Most of the lifestyle diseases have relationship between the development of non-communicable diseases and the in-teractions between the environment, genetic predisposition and lifestyle. This study aimed is to analyze the prevalence of sedentary behaviour and associated factors amongst shopkeepers. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted amongst shop-keeper to relate socio-demographic variables and lifestyle risk factors with sedentary behaviour from Jan 2015 to march 2015.Total 184 were participated in the study. The statistical tests were done by using SPSS, Version 20 data analysis system and P value was obtained. Results: This study revealed that Gender (p=0.010), education(0.024), BMI(0.012), Past Illness (0.002) and chronic illness in family(0.026) is significantly associated with type of lifestyle. Females (OR= 3.044, Cl: 1.458-6.352) and Obesity (OR=2.707; 95% Cl:1.291-5.675) were associated with an increased likelihood of ex-hibiting sedentary lifestyle, but presence of past history (OR=0.065;95% Cl: 0.013-0.321) and graduated participants (OR=0.343; 95% Cl: 0.170-0.691) were associated with a reduction in the likelihood of exhibiting sedentary lifestyle. Conclusion: Gender, education, BMI, Past Illness and chronic illness in family is significantly associated with type of lifestyle. Females, Obesity and chronic illness in family are having positive correlation with sedentary lifestyle. "