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A Study of Gene Xpert in Screening of Sputum in HIV Positive Patients Presenting to Tertiary Care Centre

Author:Deepak Bansal, Sanjay Avashia, Mitesh Karothiya

Keywords:Tuberculosis, MDR Tuberculosis, HIV, Gene Xpert

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Present study was conducted to study Gene Xpert in screening of sputum in HIV posi-tive patients, to estimate the burden of drug resistance TB in HIV pa-tients and to estimate the preva-lence of MDR TB in HIV positive patients. Methods: RNTCP is currently using Gene Xpert to screen all HIV posi-tive patients to diagnose pulmo-nary TB and rifampicin resistance. In this study, pulmonary samples referred to state level intermediate reference laboratories (IRLs) Indore between January 2015 to December 2015 were investigated and subject-ed to Gene Xpert. Results: A total of 3033 pulmonary specimens were included in the study undergoing Gene Xpert; out of which 604 specimens were from HIV positive patients. In 85 (14.07%) HIV positive patients (out of 604) MTB was detected and RIF was sensitive (14.07%). In 06 (0.99%) HIV positive patients MTB, was detected and RIF resistance was found. Conclusion: Screening of pulmo-nary samples with Gene Xpert in all HIV positive patients has enor-mous scope in early diagnosis and treatment of TB in terms of active case finding of patients with drug resistant tuberculosis. The results are available in less than 2 hours. This leads to less transmission of disease with reduced morbidity. "