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Impact of Menstrual Practices on the Health of Adolescent Girls and the Challenges Faced in Menstrual Hygiene Management at Schools

Author:Pratibha S, Ayesha S Nawaz, Aswin Kumar

Keywords:Adolescents, menstrual hygiene, school, challenges

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Menstrual hygiene is a neglected subject in schools & lack of adequate facilities to man-age it makes the adolescent girls vulnerable to reproductive tract in-fections. Hence this study was car-ried out to know the practices relat-ed to menstrual hygiene followed by the adolescent girls, impact of these practices on their physical health and challenges faced by them in managing menstrual hy-giene at school. Methods: This School based cross sectional study was carried out among 346 adolescent school girls using a predesigned pretested ques-tionnaire. Physical examination was carried out for all study sub-jects and Hb estimation was done for those with pallor. Results: Only 53.8% of the girls were using sanitary napkins, 37.6% of the girls changed the absorbent every six hours and 78.9% of the girls maintained hygiene of the gen-italia. Symptoms of RTI were found to be high among adolescents using cloth as absorbent & those not maintaining hygiene of genitalia. Lack of satisfactory facilities to manage menstrual hygiene at school contributed to absenteeism, difficulty in concentration and poor performance among the adoles-cents. Conclusion: This study reinforces the crucial role of menstrual hy-giene management in preventing RTI among adolescent school girls. "