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The Effect of Pre-Pregnant Maternal Obesity on the Breastfeeding Practices in Davangere, Karnataka - A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author:Arun Daniel J, Pragati V Chavan

Keywords:Pre-pregnant BMI, obese and non-obese, Breastfeeding practices

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Women who are obese before pregnancy are less likely to initiate breastfeeding and are more likely to encounter feeding difficulties and breastfeed for shorter durations versus normal-weight women. Objectives: This study was conducted to compare breastfeeding practices among pre-pregnant obese versus normal-weight mothers in first 6 months post-partum. Methodology: A retrospective cohort study was conducted in the field practice areas of a tertiary care hospital, Davangere, between February 2013 and August 2013. A cohort of 90 pregnant women with known pre-pregnant BMI were classified into Obese woman (n=30, pre-pregnant BMI ?30 kg/m2) and Non-Obese women, (n=60, 18.5 kg/m2? pre-pregnant BMI?25 kg/m2). Each Obese woman was pair matched with two controls (non-obese) based on the socio-demographic variables and followed up till 6 months post-partum. Association of various breastfeeding practices with pair-matched, obese and non-obese women was studied. Results: Obese women delayed breastfeeding initiation (OR=21.07, p<0.001), breastfed for shorter duration (OR=13, p=0.001) and less frequently (OR=5.31, p<0.001), perceived delayed ‘Coming in’ (OR=8.65, p<0.001), experienced improper sucking/latching (OR=8.3, p<0.001) and used formula feed (OR=8.2, p=0.001) compared to non-obese women. Conclusion: Obese women showed breastfeeding practices, unhealthy to their breastfed child, compared to non-obese women, which demands professional health intervention."