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Prevalence of Depression amongst Higher Secondary School Adolescents in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Author:Lodha Rama S, Seema Patel, Surbhi Maata, Priyanka Negi, Naman Sahu, Pal D K, Lodha Krishna Murari

Keywords:Depression, Adolescent, Beck depression inventory

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Context: Depression in adolescents is an under recognized mental health problem. It can results into suicide, school drop-out, pregnancy, antisocial behavior, substance abuse, progress in to adult depression, functional disability and significant impairment. Objectives: To find out prevalence of depression and to study the associated risk factors. Settings and Design: A Cross-sectional study was carried out in a higher secondary school in Lady Bhore (Urban Health Centre) catchment area of Bhopal. Methods and Material: The study was started after taking permission from head of the department and from principle of the school. Students were briefed about the study and verbal consent was ob-tained from every student. Data was collected by standard tool- BDI and some self-generated questionnaire. Results: A total of 136 students were included in the study. 60 (44.1%) of study participants were found to have scores corresponding to mild degree of depression and 33(24.3%) were suffering from moderate depression whereas 3% were suffering from severe depression. Conclusions: This study highlights the common but ignored problem of depression in adolescence. We recommend that teachers and parents should be made aware of this problem with the help of school counsellors so that the depressed adolescent can be identified and helped rather than suffer silently. "