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Aetiology of Infertility: An Epidemiological Study

Author:Simmi Oberoi, Ravinder Khaira, Sunvir Kaur Rai

Keywords:Infertility, epidemiology, aetiology

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: In a social set-up as existing in Indian subcontinent, with a strong emphasis on child-bearing; infertility manifests as a condition with psychological, economic and medical implications resulting in trauma and stress. Rates of infertility varied widely among the different states of India viz. 3.7 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Ma-harashtra, to 5 per cent in Andhra Pradesh, and 15 per cent in Kashmir. As infertility plays vital role in post marital life, the present study is aimed at identifying aetiology of infertility with special reference to genital tuberculosis as a causative. Methods: Data obtained from patients visiting OPD related to de-tailed history, clinical examination and records of previous inves-tigations were considered for analysis. Results: In more than half of the infertility cases, duration of mar-riage was less than five years. Ovarian & tubal factors together constitute 46.20% pitted against all other factors. Amongst male aetiological factors, sperm-cervical mucus anti-sperm antibody factor was the top contributor in the whole list i.e. 59.67% while remaining 40.33% other defects in seminology were responsible. Role of genital tuberculosis as a cause of infertility should be kept in mind especially in endemic zones. Conclusion: The present study highlights the fact that male factors contribute predominantly for infertility though females are often blamed and are at the receiving end in this region.