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Prevalence of Hypertension, Awareness & Health seeking Behaviour Among Adults Residing in Field Practice Area of Urban Health Training Centre, Govt Medical College Aurangabad

Author:Abhijeet S Ingale, Jagannath V Dixit

Keywords:Prevalence, Regularity, Awareness, Hypertension, Treatment.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Theme for World Health Day 2013 is on controlling high blood pressure, a condition which affects more than one in three adults leading to more than nine million deaths worldwide per year. Objectives: The study was conducted to find out the prevalence of hypertension; to study the various socio-demographic & lifestyle factors among participants and to study the Awareness & Health seeking behaviour in hypertensive. Methods: A community based cross sectional study conducted in the field practice area of Urban Health Training Centre of Govt. Medical college Aurangabad. Study Subjects examined with the help of pretested Performa. Blood pressure, weight, height measured and recorded according to standard protocol. Data analysis was done by Percentages & Chi Square test using Epi-Info Statistical software. 305 study subjects examined. Results: The overall prevalence of Hypertension was 26.2%. Preva-lence was more in females 33.3% than in males 16.8% & was statis-tically significant. Out of the 80 hypertensive 58 were aware of their hypertension. Among the 58 aware hypertensive only 50 were taking treatment & out of the 50 hypertensive on treatment only 39 take treatment regularly. Conclusion: These observations re-emphasize the need for tailor-made hypertension awareness programs. It also brings to light the need for follow-up, counselling and monitoring of hypertensive to reduce non-compliance to anti-hypertensive medication.