National Journal of Community Medicine

Original Article

Year: 2017 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Page No: 63-67

Assessment of Epidemiological Determinants in Tuberculosis Patients Receiving DOTS under RNTCP

Author: Mayank jain, Madhusudan Swarnkar, Satish C Mehta, Vinod Kumar



"Introduction: Tuberculosis is a barrier to socio-economic devel-opment as the greatest burden of tuberculosis incidence and mor-tality in India is in adult and socio-demographic factors, are a major determinant of ill- health and barrier to health care. Methodology: Out of six Designated Microscopy Centres in Ujjain city (Madhya Pradesh), two DMCs were selected. 241 patients were included in the study from registered 253 patients. Results: Mean age of subjects was 35.9 ± 13.8 years. Tuberculosis was more common in males, >3/4th participants had pulmonary tuberculosis. Nearly 1/5th of participants were illiterate (24.5%), <1/3rd participants were unemployed and less than half were unskilled workers. Majority (2/3rd) belonged to class IV according to Kuppuswamy’s scale of socio economic status. 66.8% study participants were married. Nearly 2/3rd participants were from nuclear family & living in kuccha or semi-pucca houses. More than 3/4th participants were vegetarian and 44.4 % study participants were living in overcrowding. Tobacco consumption was prevalent in half of participants while alcoholism in < 1/4th subjects. One fifth participants had history of pre-existing illness and treatment. Conclusion: Epidemiological characteristic like age, type of tuber-culosis, literacy, occupation, economic status, marital status, type of family and living conditions like overcrowding, type of house have effect on development of tuberculosis."

Keywords: Tuberculosis, socio-demographic profile, epidemiological determinants, Ujjain city