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Factors Associated With Non Adherence to Diet and Physical Activity among Diabetes Patients: A Cross Sectional Study

Author:Hiren D Jadawala, Ajay B Pawar, Prakash B Patel, Khushbu G Patel, Swati B Patel, Rajkumar R Bansal

Keywords:Diet and physical activity, Diabetes patients, Tertiary care hospital, Barriers

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: This study was conducted to assess nonadherence to diet and physical activity among diabetic patients and the study factors associated with it and reasons behind poor adherence to dietary and physical exercise advise. Methods: Patients >18 years and diagnosed with diabetes mellitus for duration of minimum 1 years was included in study. Adherence to dietary and physical activity is assessed by using revised version of Summary of Diabetes Self-care Activities Results: Majority of participants (76%) were followed healthful diet plan. Less than half patients among study participants were adhered to exercise. Frequent food gatherings, eating out restaurant & foods offers by others was common barriers to dietary practices. Lack of time & laziness was common barriers to physical activity. Conclusions: Patients with high level of education, housewives, Single/ever married , patients lived in nuclear family, less duration since diagnosis, patients was on insulin were more adhered to dietary practices. Patients <55 years, male, married, high education, skilled/semiskilled worker, less duration since diagnosis were more adhered to exercise than other. Frequent food gathering and lack of time were most common barriers to diet and physical activity respectively."