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Study on Access to Improved Source of Drinking Water in Rural Households of a Block in District Rohtak, Haryana

Author:Shashikantha SK, Sheethal SK

Keywords:Improved source of drinking water, rural households, water purification

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Background: Access to improved source of drinking water in ade-quate quantity is one of the major challenges in India. Factors such as poor availability and distance between water source and home may lead households to depend on less safe sources leading to water related infections. Objective: To study access to improved source of drinking water in rural households in the study area Material and methods: This cross sectional study was undertaken among 250 randomly selected households in a rural block, for a period of two months. The response from a single person preferably head of the family regarding access to improved source of drinking water, washing hands before water collection and drawing, water purification practices and other details were collected. Results: The major source of water for the households was groundwater through hand pumps. Out of 250 households, 40 % did not have access to water within the household premises. Sixty two percent of households had water scarcity problem especially in summer months. Only 46 percent of the respondents reported washing hands before drawing water. Nearly 30 % of the respondents knew that boiling water helps to purify water. Conclusion: For most of the households, groundwater is the major source of water. In the present study, practices by villagers were favourable for contamination."