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Urban Health Issues In India- Need of the Day,2010;1(1):1

Author:Kantharia SL

Keywords:Urban Health, Issues, India

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

HIV Counseling and testing - entry point for prevention and care: Gujarat Experience.,2010;1(1):2-5

Author:Kadri AM, Kumar Pradeep

Keywords:HIV, Counseling, ICTC, care and support

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Perceptions on Vehicular Fuel Conservation among Selected Respondents in Surat City,2010;1(1):6-8

Author:Bansal Neha, Bharodiya Pareshbhai, Hirapara Ketan, Thakar Girish, Jariwala Ruchita

Keywords:fuel, vehicle, health, global warming

Type:Original Article

Post-Flood Profile of Leptospirosis Cases at Teaching Hospital of Municipal Medical College in Surat City,2010;1(1):9-11

Author:Prasad Rachna, Srivastava Vipul, Bansal RK, Pawar AB, Desai Vandana, Desai Kalpana, Jain Mannu

Keywords:Leptospirosis, post-flood period, case fatality, clinical profile, organ involvement

Type:Original Article

STI Profile and Treatment Seeking Behaviour of Street Children in Surat,2010;1(1):12-16

Author:Patel NB, Bansal RK

Keywords:Street children, STI, health care seeking behaviour, stigmatization

Type:Original Article

Initial Homosexual Experiences of MSM in Surat City,2010;1(1):17-20

Author:Kumar Mukesh, Bansal RK

Keywords:Men having sex with Men, initial homosexual experiences, HIV and AIDS

Type:Original Article

Sexual Profile of Truckers in Surat District,2010;1(1):21-23

Author:Upadhyay Ashutosh, Pawar AB, Bansal RK

Keywords:Truck drivers, sexual profile, Surat

Type:Original Article