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Availability of Services and Facilities at Primary Health Centres in Ahmedabad District, Gujarat,2010;1(1):24-26

Author:Shah Rakesh, Bhavsar BS, Nayak Sunil, Goswami Mihir

Keywords:Primary health centers, paucity of supplies and manpower

Type:Original Article

Investigation of an Epidemic of Hepatitis in Ahmedabad City,2010;1(1):27-29

Author:Sheetal Vyas, Sonal Parikh, Rachna Kapoor, Vaibhavi Patel, Anand Solanki

Keywords:Epidemic investigation, faeco-oral route, hepatitis E, serological examination, water borne transmission

Type:Original Article

Educational Interventions to Increase Knowledge of Leptospirosis in Navsari District,2010;1(1):30-32

Author:Vasava Bipin, Kavishvar Abhay, Patel PB, Patel Sushil, Panchal Shaishav

Keywords:Leptospirosis, Street play and poster exhibition, awareness levels

Type:Original Article

An Analysis of Road Traffic Collisions on Roads of Sabarkantha District of Gujarat,2010;1(1):33-34

Author:Patel Mitesh K, Kartha GP

Keywords:Road traffic accidents, non-fatal and fatal events

Type:Original Article

Health Seeking Behaviour of Peri-Urban Community of Chandkheda,2010;1(1):35-36

Author:Patel PB, Trivedi KN, Nayak SN, Patel Priyanka

Keywords:health care facilities, peri-urban area, socio-economical class

Type:Original Article

Preliminary Star Rating System for Four Wheelers Owners in Surat City,2010;1(1):37-38

Author:Patel Sushil A, Bansal Neha R, Jariwala Vishal, Panchal Shaishav

Keywords:Star rating system, four wheelers, fuel consumption, environment friendly practices, Surat city

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Hypertension among Elderly Women in Slums of Surat City,2010;1(1):39-40

Author:Pawar AB, Bansal RK, Bharodiya Paresh, Panchal Shaishav, Patel HB, Padariya PK, Patel GH

Keywords:Hypertension, screening, elderly women, urban slums

Type:Original Article