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Understanding Vulnerability Patterns of HIV/AIDS among Junior College Male Students: A Knowledge and Attitude Study In Central India,2020;11(1):1-6

Author:Prashant S Bagdey, Rajan Kumar Barnwal, Vilas V Dudhpachare, Uday W Narlawar

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, Knowledge, Students, Central India, Males

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Partnership Schemes under the Revised National Tuberculosis Program (RNTCP) In Gujarat, India,2020;11(1):7-12

Author:Bhavesh Modi, Gaurav Desai

Keywords:NGO, Private Practitioners, RNTCP, TB

Type:Original Article

Prevalence and Patterns of Self Medication among Adults of Randomly Selected Villages in Rural Bangalore – A Cross Sectional Study,2020;11(1):13-18

Author:Naveen S Nair, Karavadi Sri Sai Vidusha

Keywords:Self Medication, rural area, Banga-lore, Prevalence, patterns

Type:Original Article

Road Traffic Fatality Time Series Analysis in Dubai from 2012 To 2016,2020;11(1):19-25

Author:Faisal Abdulla AlShamsi, Ebrahium Abdulla AlShamsi, Mohammed El-Sadig

Keywords:Traffic accidents, Time series, Unit-ed Arab Emirates, Mortality, Trend, Seasonality.

Type:Original Article

A Study on Factors Affecting the Functioning Of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram in Ahmedabad District,2020;11(1):26-32

Author:Divya BharatKumar Barot, Arur Bhagyalaxmi

Keywords:Janani shishusuraksha karyakram, Maternal mortality rate, Beneficiary, Entitlement.

Type:Original Article

Severity of Alcohol Dependence and Correlation with Age of Onset of Drinking In Rural Adult Males, Karnataka,2020;11(1):33-36

Author:Kusum Shrirang Mane, Sunil S Kadam

Keywords:AUDIT, SADQ, alcohol dependence.

Type:Original Article

Cross Sectional Study to Assess Rationale Behind Anti Koch Treatment in Severe Acute Malnourish Children in Ujjain Block M.P,2020;11(1):37-40

Author:Rashmi Bhujade, Abhinav Sinha, Taique Ibrahim

Keywords:AKT, Tuberculosis, Acute Malnour-ished, pediatric

Type:Original Article