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Study of prevalence of diarrhoeal diseases amongst under five population,2011;2(1):96-99

Author:Shailesh Sutariya, Nitiben Talsania, Chintul Shah

Keywords:Acute diarrheal disease, under five child, infant, ORS

Type:Original Article

An interventional study (calcium supplementation & health education) on premenstrual syndrome - effect on premenstrual and menstrual symptoms,2011;2(1):100-104

Author:Shailesh Sutariya, Nitiben Talsania, Chintul Shah, Mitesh Patel

Keywords:Premanstrual Syndrom, calcium supplement, intervention, health education

Type:Original Article

Contraceptive knowledge, attitude and practices in mothers of infant: a cross-sectional study,2011;2(1):105-107

Author:Priyanka Mahawar, Shweta Anand, Deepa Raghunath, Sanjay Dixit

Keywords:Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, family planning.

Type:Original Article

Outbreak investigation of cholera in Bharuch city,2011;2(1):108-110

Author:Navneet G. Padhiyar, Jivraj Damor

Keywords:cholera, drinking water, sewage system

Type:Original Article

Comparative study of selected parameters of gender discrimination in rural versus urban population of Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2011;2(1):111-115

Author:Rashmi Sharma, S Mukherjee

Keywords:Gender discrimination, sex ratio, rural and urban areas

Type:Original Article

A study on occupational pain among dentists of Surat city,2011;2(1):116-118

Author:Sumit Moradia, Prakash Patel

Keywords:Musculo-skeleton pain, dentist, exercise, posture

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of disability in incident leprosy patients at supervisory urban leprosy unit of Nagpur city,2011;2(1):119-122

Author:L B Chavan, Prakash Patel

Keywords:Leprosy, Deformity, Epidemiology, Disability

Type:Original Article