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A case of invasive micro papillary carcinoma of the breast with literature review,2011;2(1):155-157

Author:Amrish N Pandya, Arpita Nishal, Hemali Tailor

Keywords:Breast, micro papillary carcinoma, invasive

Type:Original Article

Census 2011: important health related messages,2011;2(1):158-160

Author:Rashmi Sharma, Ajesh Desai

Keywords:Census 2011, sex ratio, decadal growth rate, literacy status

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of pre-test and post-test knowledge questionnaire after intensive ICTC team training among health care workers,2011;2(1):161-162

Author:Vaibhav Gharat, Bipin Vasava, Sushil Patel, Rupani Mihir, Bhautik Modi

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, ICTC team training, health care workers

Type:Short Communication

A Study of 100 Cases of Brachial Plexus,2011;2(1):166-170

Author:Ojaswini Malukar, Ajay Rathva

Keywords:Key-words: Brachial plexus, Anatomical variations, Peripheral nerves

Type:Original Article

Male Child Preference For The First Child Decreasing Among Women in Surat City,2011;2(1):163-165

Author:Thakkar Dhwanee, Viradiya Hiral, Shaikh Nawal, Bansal RK, Shah Dhara, Shah Shashank

Keywords:Gender, female foeticide, India

Type:Original Article

Female Foeticide Perceptions and Practices among Women in Surat City,2011;2(1):171-174

Author:Shaikh Nawal, Viradiya Hiral, Thakkar Dhwanee, Bansal RK, Shah Dhara, Shah Shashank

Keywords:female foeticide, Gender, Sex ratio

Type:Original Article

Knowledge and Attitude of Mental Illness Among General Public of Southern India,2011;2(1):175-178

Author:Ganesh K

Keywords:Mental illness, knowledge, attitude, general public

Type:Original Article