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Drinking Water - Hard or Soft?,2012;3(1):1-2

Author:D V S S Ramavtaram

Keywords:Hard water, Soft Water

Type:Editorial/Guest Editorial

Evaluation of Knowledge and Self Care Practices in Diabetic Patients and Their Role in Disease Management,2012;3(1):3-6

Author:Karam Padma, Samir D Bele, Trupti N Bodhare, Sameer Valsangkar

Keywords:knowledge, self care practices, type 2 diabetes, glycemic control

Type:Original Article

A Survey on Physical Activity and Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors among Physicians in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Mangalore,2012;3(1):7-13

Author:Hiral Gandhi, Vaishali K, V Prem, K Vijayakumar, Prabha Adikari, B UnniKrishnan

Keywords:Non-communicable disease risk factors - physical activity level - physicians

Type:Original Article

Emergency Contraception: Exploring the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Engineering College Girls in Nagpur District of Central India,2012;3(1):14-19

Author:Nisha Relwani, Ajeet Saoji, N.B.Kasturwar, Jaydeep.Nayse, Mohd.Junaid, Poonam Dhatrak

Keywords:Emergency contraception (EC), Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP), Female students

Type:Original Article

Relationship between Thyroid Profile and Semen Quality,2012;3(1):20-24

Author:Manoj kumar Sharma, Deepak Parchwani, Pankaj Maheria, Amit Upadhyah

Keywords:Male infertility, Thyroid hormones, Oligozoospermia, Asthenozoospermia

Type:Original Article

A Comparative Study of Health Care Seeking Behaviour of Women of Reproductive Age For Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Reproductive Tract Infections in the Rural and Urban Areas of Bareilly District,2012;3(1):25-30

Author:Arun Singh, Syed Esam Mahmood, Sachin Pandey, Amiya Pandey

Keywords:Health Care Seeking Behaviour, STDs (Sexually transmitted Diseases), RTIs (Reproductive Tract Infections)

Type:Original Article

Yellow Fever: The Challenges Ahead in India,2012;3(1):31-34

Author:Mohan Joshi, Raghvendra Gumashta, N.B. Kasturwar, Mohd. Junaid

Keywords:Aedes Aegypti Index, Arbo-viral, Immunity, Epidemiological triad, Surveillance, Transovarian

Type:Original Article