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HIV/AIDS Related KAP among High-School Students of Municipal Corporation School in Pune. - An Interventional Study,2012;3(1):74-79

Author:Pankaj Kumar, Prasad Pore, Usha Patil

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, high school students, knowledge, attitude, practice

Type:Original Article

Evaluation of Bio-Medical Waste Management Practices in a Government Medical College and Hospital,2012;3(1):80-84

Author:Srivastav Shalini, Mahajan Harsh, Mathur B P

Keywords:Biomedical waste management, Evaluation, Waste treatment facility.

Type:Original Article

Why Still Home Deliveries in Urban Slum Dwellers?,2012;3(1):85-88

Author:S D Kotnis, R M Gokhale, M V Rayate

Keywords:Home Delivery, slum dwellers, Urban

Type:Original Article

A Study about Library Usage by Undergraduate Medical Students in a Medical College in North India,2012;3(1):89-93

Author:N K Goel, S S Sarpal, Abhiruchi Galhotra, Abhadeep

Keywords:Library usage, undergraduate, medical college

Type:Original Article

Socio Demographic and Clinical Features of the Malaria Cases,2012;3(1):94-96

Author:Pankaj P Taviad, T B Javadekar, Bhavna A Selot, Vipul P Chaudhari

Keywords:Socio demographic, Malaria, Clinical feature

Type:Original Article

Psychometric Evaluation of Cancer Patients,2012;3(1):97-99

Author:S B Bansal, Sanjay Dixit, Geeta Shivram

Keywords:GHQ General Health Questionnaire, OPD Out Patient Department, WHO World Health Organization

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Various Dermatoses in School Children of Anand District,2012;3(1):100-103

Author:Rita Vora, Nishit Bodiwala, Shivang Patel

Keywords:Various dermatoses, school children

Type:Original Article