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Isolation of Vibrio Cholera O1 during an Outbreak of Acute Gastroenteritis in Dahod District, Gujarat,2012;3(1):104-107

Author:Sonia Barve, T B Javadekar, Sandeep Nanda, Chandresh Pandya, Amjad Pathan, Parag Chavda

Keywords:Acute Gastroenteritis, stool samples, Water samples, Vibrio Cholerae, Biotype, El tor, Ogawa, Faecal coliform

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Anemia among Adolescent Girls in an Urban Slum,2012;3(1):108-111

Author:Meenal Vinay Kulkarni, P M Durge, N B Kasturwar

Keywords:Prevalence, anemia, adolescent, urban slum

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Common Hemoglobinopathies in Gujarat: An Analysis of a Large Population Screening Program,2012;3(1):112-116

Author:Patel Ashwin P, Naik Madhuben R, Shah Nilam M, Sharma Narmadeshwar P, Parmar Prakash H

Keywords:Abnormal hemoglobin, Hemoglobinopathies, Prevalence, Screening, Sickle cell, Thalassemia

Type:Original Article

Profile of Attendees in the Anti Retroviral therapy Centre in Medical College in Jabalpur, India,2012;3(1):117-120

Author:Arya Rajendra Singh, Prasad Pankaj

Keywords:profile, anti retroviral therapy, AIDS

Type:Original Article

A Comparative Study to Assess the Impact of 6 Days Core Competency Training of the ANMs of Damoh District of Madhya,2012;3(1):121-124

Author:Pradesh Pankaj Prasad, Rajendra Singh Arya, Manoj Bansal, S P Singh

Keywords:Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Ante-Natal Care, Core Competency Training

Type:Original Article

An Assessment of Injection Practices in Urban Health Centres of Surat City: Are the Health Care Workers Safe?,2012;3(1):125-128

Author:Ashish Naik, Vaibhav Gharat, R.K.Bansal

Keywords:Injection practices, staff nurse, needle stick injuries, knowledge, practice

Type:Original Article

Effects of Janani Suraksha Yojana (A Maternity Benefit Scheme) Up-on the Utilization of Ante-Natal Care Services in Rural & Urban-Slum Communities of Dehradun,2012;3(1):129-137

Author:Parul Sharma, Jayanti Semwal, Surekha Kishore, Sanjeev K Gupta

Keywords:Janani Suraksha yojana, utilization, ASHA, married women

Type:Original Article