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Assessment of Knowledge of Mothers of Underfive Children on Nutritional Problems: A Rural Community Based Study,2013;4(1):141-144

Author:Divya Shettigar, Ansila M, Maryes George, Jeena Chacko, Reena J Thomas, Shahila Shukoor

Keywords:Underfive children, Nutritional problems

Type:Original Article

Etiology of Peritonitis and Factors Predicting the Mortality in Peritonitis,2013;4(1):145-148

Author:Jeetendar J Paryani, Vikas Patel, Gunvant Rathod

Keywords:Peritonitis, Peptic perforation, Tachycardia, Hypotension.

Type:Original Article

A Study on Obesity in Relation to Socio -Economic Status in Men and Women,2013;4(1):149-152

Author:Vinod Porwal, Anand Verma, Sameer Inamdar, Pranay Bajpai

Keywords:BMI, Socio-economic status, Obesity, Sex

Type:Original Article

Epidemiology of Animal Bite Cases Attending Municipal Tertiary Care Centres in Surat City: A Cross-Sectional Study,2013;4(1):153-157

Author:Pradeep Umrigar, Gaurang B Parmar, Prakash B Patel, R K Bansal

Keywords:Animal bites, rabies, epidemiological, health seeking behaviour, Surat

Type:Original Article

An Effort to Determine Blood Group and Gender From Pattern of Finger Prints,2013;4(1):158-160

Author:Sandip K Raloti, Kalpesh A Shah, Viras C Patel, Anand K Menat, Rakesh N Mori, Nishith K Chaudhari

Keywords:Fingerprints, Gender, Blood Groups, Association

Type:Original Article

The Status of National Programme for Control of Blindness in Madhya Pradesh,2013;4(1):161-164

Author:Rituja Kaushal, Sanjay Gupta, Neeraj Gaur, A V Athawale, Manmohan Gupta, Najnin Khanam

Keywords:Blindness, Madhya Pradesh, school children, surgery, IOL

Type:Original Article

Screening of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis Samples by Zeihl Neelsen Staining in Patients Presenting at Tertiary Care Hospital Ahmedabad,2013;4(1):165-167

Author:Lata Patel, Jignesh Panchal, Jayshree Pethani, Sanjay Rathod, Parimal Patel, Parul Shah

Keywords:Extrapulmonary tuberculosis,Acid Fast Bacilli , HIV

Type:Original Article