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Ageing and Health: A Health Profile of Inmates of Old Age Home,2014;5(1):1-5

Author:Bindu M Bhatt, Shivani Vyas, Janak P Joshi

Keywords:Population, Health, Health problems, Old age home

Type:Original Article

Socio?Demographic Profile of Tuberculosis patient: A hospital based study at Dehradun,2014;5(1):6-9

Author:Sumit Jethani, Rakesh kakkar, Jayanti Semwal, Jagdish Rawat

Keywords:Tuberculosis, DOTS, Socio-economic class

Type:Original Article

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy: Intravenous versus Oral Route,2014;5(1):10-12

Author:Meghana N Mehta, Jitesh M Shah

Keywords:Iron deficiency anemia, iron sucrose complex, anemia in pregnancy, oral iron

Type:Original Article

MIC Leak Disaster and Environmental Contamination: Time to Act Now,2014;5(1):13-20

Author:Brajendra Mishra, Nalok Banerjee

Keywords:MIC Disaster, Toxic contamination HCH, Atmospheric inversion, Remediation

Type:Original Article

Quality of Life of Elderly People and Assessment of Facilities Available in Old Age Homes of Lucknow, India,2014;5(1):21-24

Author:Abhishek Gupta, Uday Mohan, Sarvada C Tiwari, Shivendra K Singh, Vijay K Singh,

Keywords:Public old age home, private old age home, elderly, Quality of Life

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Hypertension and It’s correlates in Elderly Population of Coastal Karnataka,2014;5(1):25-28

Author:Shahul Hameed, Chethana K, Krutarth R Brahmbhatt, Dipak C Patil, Prasanna KS, Jayaram S

Keywords:Hypertension; Prevalence; Geriatric Population; Rural

Type:Original Article

Can HbA1c Act as a Surrogate Marker for Cardiovascular Risk?,2014;5(1):29-32

Author:Manish B Patel, Wasimahmed M Sachora, Ashay R Pandya, Abhimanyu D Kothari, Jigar K Patel

Keywords:Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, HbA1c, AIP

Type:Original Article