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Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: An Ongoing Holocoust,2014;5(1):61-65

Author:Pratima V Borade, Santosh J Haralkar, Atul V Wadagale

Keywords:pregnancy, hypertension, prevalence, disorder

Type:Original Article

Analysis of Dog Bites in Kashmir: An Unprovoked Threat to Population,2014;5(1):66-68

Author:Kouser Sideeq, Sufoora Bilquees, Mohammad Salimkhan, Inaam Ul Haq

Keywords:Dog Bite, Kashmir, Rabies

Type:Original Article

Sputum Smear Conversion during an Alternative Method for Providing “Directly Observed Therapy Short Course” In A Rural Setup through Mobile Team,2014;5(1):69-72

Author:Lalit Singh, Anurag Agarwal, Anurag Srivastava

Keywords:sputum, short course chemotherapy, ATT, pulmonary tuberculosis

Type:Original Article

Impact of Hearing Loss on Daily Life Style and Schooling among Children between 5 and 15 Years Age-Group,2014;5(1):73-76

Author:Hiteshree C Patel, Mohua Moitra, Anjali Modi, Jaymin Contractor, S L Kantharia

Keywords:Hearing loss, Life style, schooling

Type:Original Article

Awareness about RNTCP and DOTS Guidelines among Health Care Professionals of a Tertiary Care Hospital of South India,2014;5(1):77-80

Author:Pragati V Chavan, Debjyoti Datta, Rajashri S Patil, Arun Daniel J

Keywords:RNTCP, DOTS, Nurses and house surgeons

Type:Original Article

Obstetric Risk factors for Low Birth Weight amongst Full Term Babies Born at a Tertiary Care Hospital of Belgaum District, South India,2014;5(1):81-84

Author:Damaru Prasad Paneru, Vijaya A Naik, B R Nilgar, Mahesh D Mallapur

Keywords:Obstetrics, Risk factors, Low birth weight, Full term, Tertiary care, South India

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Awareness of Sex Determination Techniques & Gender Preference among Married Women in an Urban Slum of Maharashtra,2014;5(1):85-87

Author:Rahul Bedre, Harsha Solanki

Keywords:Sex determination, Gender Preference, Urban Slum in Ma-harashtra

Type:Original Article