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Health Seeking Behavior among Parents of Children with Hearing Loss: A Cross Sectional Study,2014;5(1):33-37

Author:Hiteshree C Patel, Mohua Moitra, Anjali Modi, Rahul Patel, S L Kantharia, Ishwar M Chaudhary

Keywords:Hearing loss, health seeking behaviour

Type:Original Article

A Study of Coverage and Compliance of Mass Drug Administration for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Rewa District Of Madhya Pradesh,2014;5(1):38-41

Author:Amarnath Gupta, Pankaj Prasad, Sukhendra P Singh

Keywords:Coverage, Compliance, Mass Drug Administration, Filariasis.

Type:Original Article

Prevalence of Obesity among College Students in Rural Area of Bangalore,2014;5(1):42-45

Author:Sanjay T Varadappa, Prashanth Kumar S Prakash, Gangaboraiah, Ramesh Masthi N Raju, Lakshmeesha Y Subbanna

Keywords:Adolescent, body mass index, central obesity, body fat per-centage, physical exercise

Type:Original Article

Knowledge of HIV/AIDS among Patients Attending General Out Patient Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital of Kolkata,2014;5(1):46-50

Author:Mausumi Basu, Sita Chatterjee, Debasish Sinha, Bobby Pal, Sinjita Dutta, Palash Das

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, Knowledge, General Population

Type:Original Article

Knowledge about Tuberculosis and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis among Interns,2014;5(1):51-53

Author:Patle Rupali A, Khakse Gautam M

Keywords:Interns, Tuberculosis, MDR-TB, XDR-TB, DOTS, RNTCP

Type:Original Article

Preferred Practice Patterns for Presumed Viral Kerato-Conjunctivitis in Central India,2014;5(1):54-56

Author:Prakashchand Agarwal, Saroj Gupta, Anjali Sharma, V K Saini

Keywords:Preferred pattern, treatment of viral conjunctivitis, steroids in epidemic conjunctivitis

Type:Original Article

A Cross Sectional Study on Immunization Status of School Going Adolescents in Indore, Madhya Pradesh,2014;5(1):57-60

Author:Pulkit Ghelani, Sameer Inamdar, Savita Inamdar

Keywords:Immunization, adolescent, School, maternal education

Type:Original Article